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Alcoholic Beverages: 
Open containers are not permitted in City Park, the Pioneer Park playground and adjacent pavilion, and park lands owned by the City in the Settlement, Brookside, Willow Creek and Golf Vista subdivisions as outlined in Section 4-1-2 of the City of Victor Municipal Code.   

Special Events: 
A special event is defined as any preplanned single gathering, event or series of related gatherings or events temporary in nature held in or upon property owned by the City of Victor or a City of Victor right-of-way of an entertainment, cultural, recreational, educational, political, religious or sporting nature, or of any other nature including, but not limited to, any parade, march, protest, demonstration, public ceremony, street fair, art and craft show, carnival, block party, farmer’s market, athletic event, show, exhibition, pageant or procession of any kind, or any similar display.  A special event permit is required for any event which falls under the following 

  • Any Special Event that requests or is determined to require services of City personnel or equipment and/or medical or security presence,
  •  Any Special Event that requests exception from City of Victor Municipal Code
  • Any Special Event that includes the erection of structures that may or may not need to be secured to the ground including but not limited to tents, inflatables, or displays, excluding tables and chairs, or
  • Any Special Event that consists of 250 or more people.

The City of Victor encourages responsible dog ownership and invites you to use the dog park near the Sherman Park pavilion!  Please be sure to scoop the poop!  

Dogs are not permitted in the Main Street City Park or within twenty five feet (25’) of the Sherman Park playground. 

At all other public locations dogs must be  controlled either on a leash or under voice control.  Under voice control, the dog must return immediately to and remain by the side of its owner or keeper in response to the owner or keeper’s verbal command, whistle or hand signal. If an unleashed dog fails to behave in a manner consistent with that of a dog on a leash, meaning the owner is able to call the dog away from other people and animals and keeps the dog at a safe and respectable distance from other people and animals, that dog is not under voice control and shall be deemed to be “at large”, unless such person (or in the case of a minor child, an adult present with the child) has communicated to the owner that such person consents to the presence of the dog.


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